Rich Fettke

Why Does Your Work Matter?

"One need not be a servant to be able to serve." -Victor Frankl

Last week I went into a San Francisco studio to record the compact disc and audiotape versions of my upcoming book, Extreme Success. I was excited and I really wanted to give my best "performance." Little did I know what I was in for.

I began to read, but after a few paragraphs I heard the director’s voice pipe into the speaker in my room, "Rich, you can relax. Slow down and connect." How silly of me! Right then I remembered that before I left for the studio, my wife, Kathy, who is an actress and has done dozens of voice over jobs, had given me a simple tip. She said, "When you’re reading your script, imagine that someone you care about is with you and you are simply sharing your ideas, lessons and stories. Then the REAL you will show up."

I asked to begin recording again and imagined I was leading one of my activity-based workshops and speaking to a small group of excited participants. I felt my energy and my confidence begin to rise. I felt connected and inspired. I really wanted to share these powerful new ideas with this group. Instantly I felt centered and authentic. I felt connected to what I was reading rather than just speaking out the black and white words in front of my face.

From that point on the day flowed with ease and we had a lot of fun. The ideas, lessons and stories flowed from me and, when I finished up the final paragraph of my script, the director and recording engineer gave me an enthusiastic ovation!

I was reminded of how important it is to connect to how our work serves others and shift our focus from ourselves to others. Whatever goal or task you’re working on you will achieve it with greater ease and authenticity if you connect to what you’re really doing it for.


What are you currently working on that could use more of your passion? Invest a moment — right now — to notice what connects you to this project. What are you doing it for? How does it benefit others? Why does it matter?

Answering those questions can help you tap into your passion and bring out more of your natural motivation.