Rich Fettke

Use the 3 A’s

"The future is purchased by the present."- Samuel Johnson


One of the wonderful benefits I receive from being a personal coach is how much I learn from my clients. I have noticed that there are three simple steps that can help us reach our most important goals with greater ease. Here they are in a very condensed form:

1. Awareness –
This is where you step back to truly observe your work and your life.    You can do this by meditating, journaling reading, or by talking with a coach, a friend, a   spouse or a co-worker. Awareness is where you ask yourself questions such as: "What  do I want?" "What is working here?" "What is not working here?" and "What could  I do to get what I want?" This is also the time to ask yourself "How could I achieve this with greater ease?"

2. Action – After you know what to do, you must do what you know. What steps will you take? How could you take the awareness gained in step number one and chunk it down in to doable actions? What daily success habits would help you move toward your longer-term goal?

 3. Accountability – Often we know what we want, we see what we could do to get there, but we justify and rationalize all the reasons why life just got in the way." How will you hold yourself accountable to taking action on what you know is best for you? Public declaration is a powerful tool here. Tell someone (or a bunch of people) what you plan on doing. Ask them to hold you accountable to certain actions by a certain date. This may seem like a risky step because it means you are making the commitment to getting what you want. That’s exactly why you want accountability. When you truly want something (and you are committed to doing what it takes to make it happen) you will welcome accountability.


Test the above process for yourself. Go through each step and write down your answers and observations. After you have gone through the whole process, take a look at how it worked for you.