Rich Fettke

Use Process Goals

"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." -Anonymous

Bob had started his own computer software training company almost a year before hiring me as his coach. His main goal from our partnership was to help him grow his business and make a "comfortable" income. One of Bob’s first comments during our initial session was: "By the end of this year I want to have five people working for me, each teaching at least five classes per week." Bob was obviously clear about his main goal and had a specific, measurable outcome he wanted to achieve. When I asked him what small steps he could take to move towards his goal, Bob came up with the following ideas:

– Mail 300 letters by April 30th to prospective students
– Attend three networking events per month
– Speak to four groups by May 31st on "How to Be Friends with Your Computer"

Bob had created a list of process goals. He clarified three measurable actions that he could take that would help him move towards his main intention.

Less than four months after our initial session, Bob had hired two employees and they were both teaching an average of six classes per week! Eventually, he exceeded his original goal. Before starting in the direction of any major goal, Bob now emphasizes the importance of clarifying the process goals along the path. It’s a simple step, but many folks don’t take the time to do it.


What is a major intention you would like to achieve? What smaller steps might help you make progress towards this long-term desire?

Write down three process goals that could help you move toward your main intention and ask your Success Partner to hold you accountable to their timely accomplishment.