Rich Fettke

Systems, Structure, and Support

"The happiest life is that which constantly exercises and educates what is best in us." ~Philip G. Hamerton

Creating Positive Momentum by Using Systems, Structures and Support

When he hired me to coach him, Greg wanted to take his business to the next level professionally and personally by giving better service and making more money. A realtor for almost four years, he had become the third highest producer in his office. But Greg wasn’t satisfied. "I’m frustrated with the lousy job I’m doing with my personal service," he told me. "I usually have several clients who are either in the process of buying or selling a home, so I want to stay in touch with them and make sure everything is going okay."

I asked, "What’s stopping you from making the calls?"

"I get so focused on following up with new prospects. Then I always seem to run out of time to make calls to my current clients, which is a bummer because if I served them better they would probably refer new prospects to me."

Here’s what Greg and I came up with:

THE SYSTEM: First, he made a commitment to invest half an hour each day to call the recent clients he had worked with.

THE STRUCTURE: Then, he decided to schedule that half an hour on his computerized calendar with a reminder box that would pop up on his screen.

THE SUPPORT: Finally, Greg promised that he would treat that appointment as if it were a meeting with a prospective new client. If he didn’t keep the appointment he would let me know during our next session, which would hold him accountable for his actions.

Greg’s Lesson:

"The simple habit of making a half hour appointment with my self, and actually putting it on my computer’s calendar, has been very effective for ensuring that I make client calls. Not only do I feel great about giving my clients the attention they deserve, I’m also getting more referrals than ever."


What is a goal you’ve set for this year that could benefit from a system, structure and support? Identify a daily action (your system) that will help you make progress toward the completion of your goal. Next, identify what type of reminder (your structure) you can set up to help remind you of the system you’ve set up on a regular basis. Finally, set up accountability (your support) around the daily action or system you have planned. You’ll find that this process will help you create and maintain momentum toward your most important goals.