Rich Fettke

Go For a Record

Hans getting some reading in at the office

It can be very inspiring to surround yourself with people who are consistently pushing their limits.  My friend, Hans Florine, is one of those people.  Hans is a record-holding rock climber who won gold in speed climbing three years in a row at the ESPN X-Games and currently holds the world speed record on the Nose route of El Capitan in Yosemite.

Four years ago, Hans gave me a challenge — to join him in doing 100 sit-ups (non-stop) every day for 100 days in a row. In the beginning, it was tough just remembering to do the sit-ups each day…let alone completing 100 non-stop.  After a week it got a little easier.  After a few weeks it became a habit that I actually enjoyed.  Some days I’d do even more than 100.  My core got stronger (and tighter) and I felt great. When we reached our 100 day goal I didn’t want to stop!  We recommitted to taking the same challenge on for another 100 days.  Today, I am happy to report that we recently completed our fourth year of this challenge…and we don’t plan on stopping.  So far we have completed over 146,000 sit-ups in the last four years.  (36,500 sit-ups a year x 4 years)

Over the years I have given the challenge of going for a record to my audiences when I speak and to several of my coaching clients.  Now I’m offering it to you.  What record could you go for that would add to your health, wealth, wisdom or peace of mind?

Here are some examples:

You see, there are many different ways you can go for a record.  Start today (or tomorrow) and make a personal commitment to give it your best.  Maybe it’s some daily action to take for 100 days in a row.  Maybe it’s a one time record that will help you take a big step toward a business or personal goal. 

Whatever you choose, ask someone to be your accountability partner and offer to be theirs.  Check in on a regular basis – daily or weekly to increase your focus and commitment.  And most of all…enjoy the process of pushing your limits and expanding your success.