Rich Fettke

Focus on Three

 "You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you will have, be, and do in the tomorrow of your life."
— Zig  Ziglar

When I first meet with a client to begin our coaching, I always ask them for the three main areas they would like to focus on during the first three months of our partnership. You can do the same thing with your most important goals. For each focus area write a simple heading, and underneath, a description of how to achieve it.

Here is a sample of how this might look:

1. Be Financially Responsible
Have a system to track my spending and my income.  Reconcile my bank accounts each month. Create and follow a spending plan.

2. Improve My Fitness
Design and follow a workout program that will help me lower my body fat and improve my stamina. Eat nutritious, healthy meals on a regular schedule.

3. Have a More Romantic Relationship with My Husband
Plan a "date night" each week. Surprise him with loving things to let him know how much I care. Acknowledge him for all that he does and all that he is.

This simple, yet important, exercise can help you take action and stay focused on what is most important to you. Keep your list to no more than three major outcomes or goals. Trying to remember more than three can put the mind into overload. This is a proven way to help you stay clear on what you are currently working towards.


Write out your three primary focus areas and put the note (or several of them) somewhere where you will see it throughout the day.  Then notice the difference in your focus and effectiveness. To get the most out of this strategy, ask a friend or a coach to support you by holding you accountable to your plan.