Rich Fettke

Create a Dream Gallery

"Dreaming illustrates your hidden capacities and your unawakened ability."
— Peter Daniels


When I was a little boy, a couple of months before Christmas, my mom would ask my brothers and me to make "Wish List Posters." We would go through catalogs and magazines and cut out pictures of special toys and gadgets that we wanted for presents. Then we would paste them onto a big poster board and make a collage. We always loved this tradition and it got us extra excited for the upcoming holiday. Little did my mom know that she was showing us the basics of creating a Dream Gallery.

A Dream Gallery is a poster or a 3-ring binder that displays images and words of the things you want to have in your life, such as experiences, people, material possessions and feelings. These images often display values like freedom, play, romance, achievement or beauty. They also can represent personal qualities you want to develop such as calmness, courage or an open mind. Basically, a Dream Gallery is a visual reminder of images and words that inspire you and remind you of your dreams.

Looking at your Dream Gallery gives you extra motivation while putting you in a terrific mood. By adding pictures and words that focus on what you want, you will better clarify what you are working toward by inspiring yourself on a regular basis. It’s like high-octane motivation fuel.


Get a stack of magazines and cut out the images and words that best display how you see your ideal future. Then arrange and paste those images and words on a poster board or in a 3-ring binder so it displays the experiences and the things that you want to have in your life.