Rich Fettke

Ask Yourself “WAIT”

"Many people who have the gift of gab don’t know how to wrap it up." -Arnold H. Glasow


There’s an old saying in sales that goes – "You have two ears and one mouth, use them in that ratio." Many people don’t realize that the easiest way to be a great conversationalist is by NOT talking. Have you ever noticed people that seem to be giving you a monologue when they are talking to you? They don’t give you a chance to share your ideas or input and they go on and on about themselves. How do you feel when that happens?

When we are talking it is almost impossible to hear what the other person is really saying. This is a common cause of relationship problems and lack of support for each other. If people would just take the time to really listen to each other they would see a major improvement in their relationships and their lives. A simple way to remember this principle is the acronym WAIT.


I have a little sign at my desk that simply says WAIT. When I am coaching a client and I find myself looking to give them my view or knowledge, I look over at this sign and I ask myself, "Why am I talking?" Am I not allowing this person to tap into his or her own wisdom? Am I focusing on being right and having the answer for them? Am I uncomfortable with the silence? (Which is often where the best answers are found.)

If you want to improve your relationships, your partnerships and your life, remember to WAIT. You will most likely be surprised at the learning and the benefit that you, and the person you are communicating with, receive.


Remember "WAIT" in three of your conversations this week – and notice what you learn.