Rich Fettke

Are You Kidding Yourself?

“The first act of self-responsibility, and the base of all the others, is the act of taking responsibility for being conscious – that is, of bringing an appropriate awareness to our activities.”
-Nathaniel Branden, author of Taking Responsibility


As human beings we are so good at justifying and rationalizing why we aren’t living the way we want to live.

The person who wants to lose weight over-eats and then says, "Well, I had a tough day…I need the energy." A working mom who wants to spend more quality time with her kids ends up vegging out in front of the TV and then says, "I worked a lot today…I deserve to kick back and relax." The salesperson who wants to reach more prospects keeps putting off his phone calls and says, "I need to organize my sock drawer."

Okay, maybe that last one is a bit exaggerated, but it’s probably happened!

The bottom line is that – at times – we all create excuses and kid ourselves about why we don’t do what’s best for us. The problem is that we often don’t even realize it!

I don’t know where you might be kidding yourself — but you probably know. So my request is that you take a look by following the Action Idea below.

Right now, stop. Ask yourself this question: "Where have I been kidding myself? Be honest. Once you have your answer, you’ll know what to do next. My challenge to you is to do something about it by the end of this week. What have you been putting off that could move you toward what you really want?

NOTE: One of the most helpful strategies to create positive change is setting up support. Tell a friend, coach or "success partner" what your new commitment to action is and you will increase your chance of success 1,000%.

I would love to help support you in taking action. Send me a message here with the commitment you are making for this week. Then, next week, send me another message me with your results. If you have followed through then we will celebrate! If you have not taken action, I will reply to you with a strategy or challenge to help you do so.

Bottom line — when you are truly committed to your goal you will welcome accountability.

I wish you the best.