Rich Fettke

Always Open


Welcome to this place
A place of work and rest
There is no roof and the walls expand
To welcome in the best

Everyone’s invited
Come in to meet your dreams
This is where your future starts
And thoughts turn into things

This place is always open
It is you who holds the key
There are several ways to enter
Just close your eyes and see

Bring with you some questions
And step inside to learn
There are never-ending answers
To all of your concerns

Discover all your greatness
At this place we call the mind
A gift that’s born within us
In all of humankind



A curious mind creates possibilities. If you are seeking an answer to a challenge you are facing or a goal you would like to achieve, then take some time and use your mind. Right now, write down a question for the answer you are seeking on the back of a business card. It may be something like, "What do I need to accomplish my goal of ____________?" or maybe something like, "What is the answer to ______________?" Fill in the blanks with the outcome you desire and then carry this card with you and refer to it throughout the day.

Create a ritual to read your card on a regular basis — maybe before or after each meal or every morning and every evening — whatever you think would be the most consistent for you. Trust that you will discover an answer (or several answers!) and you will notice how powerful your mind can be.