Happy Clients

"Rich Fettke has helped me identify and overcome the internal obstacles that held back the success of my financial services practice. With less than one year of his coaching, the growth of my business is 300% higher than the previous four years combined! The return on my investment of hiring Rich now exceeds 1,000%. Rich continues to empower me to be a better businessperson and manager (coach) to my employees, while keeping balance between career and family. He is an invaluable member of my team."

Greg Jones, Vice President & Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

"For months, my brother kept telling me, "You’ve gotta talk to Rich Fettke." I was skeptical, but I finally made an appointment (mostly just to get my brother off my back). After that one coaching session with Rich, I realized what my brother was talking about. Within two weeks, I completed a business plan that I had been procrastinating on for over two years! I continued working with Rich and my company hit its highest profits ever, I got married, bought a new house, and completed my first marathon! I can honestly say that Rich’s coaching has helped me improve every area of my life!

Joe Pelayo, CEO, JosephMichaels.com (One of the fastest growing companies on the West Coast according to the San Francisco Business Times)

"Rich, you just can’t put a price on the changes and success that I experienced in my life working with you as my coach. You had an innate ability to keep me focused on what was important to me, read between the lines and delve into my being. You were always supportive, whether I was flying high or in the depths of despair. When I was most afraid, you were there to walk through it with me and see me come out the other side, always knowing I would, even when I doubted it myself. What an incredible role model you were – and still are – as I develop my own coaching practice. For that I will be forever grateful!"

Eva Gregory, Ph.D., CPPC, www.CoachEva.com

"Rich has the innate ability to listen, give feedback, and re-position challenges in your life in a way that makes you think and learn from each event. Rich also made me feel like I was his only client by recalling things I had mentioned to him throughout our sessions. Aside from having him help me move through sticking points in my life, I have been able to take some of the coaching skills he used with me and apply them to both personal and business situations in my life with gratifying results.

George Phirippidis, Founder/CEO, The Mobile Office Outfitter, www.MobileGear.com

"A heart-felt thank you for changing my life! The work we do together has given me the opportunity to take action toward my dreams – and for that I am very grateful."

Lynn Asher, Partner, Raz Recording Studios

"One of the great things about you, Rich, is that you help me clarify what is really, really important. That’s the beauty of your coaching. You’re helping me know and become the person that I want to be. Hey, isn’t that one of the keys to happiness?"

Read Powell, President, Powell Financial Company

"Rich has a special knack in helping you access the truth. His work is powerful! Working with Rich has improved the quality of my life."

Jeff Greenwald, Sports Psychologist and author of Fearless Tennis. #1 ranked tennis player in the world in Men’s age 35 singles and in the U.S. in both singles and doubles. www.MentalEdge.net

"When I first started my coaching program with Rich I was an out of shape smoker whose finances, personal life and career were a mess. Two years later I am the picture of health, I have incredibly gratifying relationships with friends and family members, and I’ve just completed the most financially rewarding year of my life. I am living proof that the coaching process… especially when Rich Fettke is the coach… can absolutely work miracles."

Peter Beckwith, Partner, Edgewood Movie Productions, www.EdgewoodStudios.com

"Rich, The greatest gift you brought to our partnership was your intuition, sensitivity and firmness in holding up the "mirror." It’s so easy to sell our authentic selves out. You didn’t hesitate in asking tough, heartfelt questions. I am so very happy to say that the spiritual quest I embarked upon is now very much a part of my life today."

Mary Ortega

"I initially decided to work with a coach to help me launch my own coaching business, but soon found working with Rich that coaching went beyond working towards one goal, as he helped me gain a better sense of balance amongst all the areas of my life. Rich’s coaching style is motivating, encouraging, and insight-provoking. Working with Rich is like having a mentor, a partner, a rooting section, and a good friend. Rich gets my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to stretch beyond their previous limitations and achieve a deeper satisfaction with life."

Stuart Meyer, Vice President, WorkPathGroup.com

"I have been the owner of Encore Gymnastics since 1989. I started working with Rich Fettke in February of 1998. Since then my life has changed dramatically. I take days off to spend with my family and friends, I give more to my relationships, my business is making more money, and my staff and clients are happier. I am very fulfilled, I love my job, I am more relaxed and I have more energy. Coaching is not just for you. It will affect everyone around you in a very positive way. I strongly suggest Rich as a coach. He is strong, kind, and what you will accomplish will change your life."

Tamara Gerlach, Owner, Encore Gymnastics

"Rich, through my coaching with you I found a model for excellence in coaching. Your commitment to me combined with your strong business orientation AND a big heart was ideal. I had worked with several coaches before, but none that exemplified coaching the way you do. As a result of working with you, I became an even stronger coach for my clients. I also learned to value myself and my services more. My clients do too. Thanks!"

Stacey Mayo, MCC, CEO, Center for Balanced Living

"Through a combination of accountability and probing questions Rich has helped me pull the best out of myself. His thought provoking questions merely showed me that the answers have been within and he helped me get them out. Rich has helped me to not only build my practice, but reach a goal of starting my own radio program, and balance family."

Dennis J. Barker, D.C., Host of Dr. Barker’s Health Talk

"As I reflect over two years of coaching, Rich, what impresses me most is that I have gained the skills to customize my life; to engineer it to be everything I can imagine – and more. I have learned the process by which I can develop my dreams into thoughts, thoughts into goals, goals into a plan of action and a way to hold myself accountable for that action plan – and its consequences – whether the outcomes are positive or hold unexpected, additional challenges. Again, thank you for helping me first to see this process, then apply it, conscientiously, to my dreams!"

Linda Oakes, National Sales, Virginia Dare Flavorings, www.VirginiaDare.com

"When I turned 40 I was fat, unmotivated and unhappy. Three years later I’m in the best shape of my life. Rich was with me every step of the way. He is knowledgable, intelligent and intuitive. I would never have accomplished this transformation without him."

Jim Cope

"Rich’s powerful coaching helped me to make a huge transistion and leap from corporate career to owning and running my own business. But what I feel was the most significant lesson, was Rich’s modeling and teaching of unconditional love and acceptance. That has truly changed my life in who I am and where I am going. Rich taught me the strength in "Being".

Linda Simmons

"Rich is a down-to-earth, trust worthy and knowledgeable man. Thanks to Rich’s coaching, I’ve learned how to ask for what I want (and make it happen) what ever it might be. I use the skills I’ve acquired everyday to help keep my life balanced and honest. My goals were to face my fears and to challenge myself. I now know how to better enjoy my life on earth. As a mother, I can love my children and except them as they are, nurture their spirits and help them grow. At the same time I can remember who I am and love myself."

Lyla Ross, President, Ross Media

"Rich’s coaching creates a conscious act of being clear about what I want and opens the path for creating results. When we’re working together I feel focused and on track — I’m taking care of business."

Richard Hacker, President, LifeJazz.com

"After I saw you speak, I thought what the heck I would give coaching a try. The results have been impressive: production up 50%, assets under management up 100%, took 6 weeks vacation and coached my son’s soccer team, received a new officer’s title, and for the first time in 8 years I am under 180 pounds. I assure you that I won’t be ending our partnership anytime soon!"

George Calhoun, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

"Rich, thank you for modeling playfulness, risk taking, and being fully present. You help me keep balance and reach a deeper understanding with your powerful, sensitive, and amazing coaching."

Kathy Kroesche

"Dear Rich,

What can I say, the past five months has been quite a ride…I’m amazed that such massive progress has been made in such a short period of time…as you once said, after skiing down a black diamond, it’s always a great idea to look back up the mountain and discover how far you have come; here is a list of my "black diamonds."

  • Lost 25 pounds, 6 inches off my waist, 12% body fat and discovered a passion for physical fitness and better self-care.
  • Grown my coaching practice to over 30 clients (from 20), added four new corporate clients, increased my coaching fee by $100 per month while working less number of hours per week and taking every Friday off to spend with my family.
  • Deepened my relationships with my wife and children by tapping into my true value to each of them.
  • Walked my talk. Now more than ever, I am all about action. I don’t just talk about balance. I LIVE IT! I don’t just talk about how much I love my family. I SHOW THEM! I don’t just talk about being a successful coach. I PROVE IT! I don’t just talk about being physically fit. I AM!

Thank you for teaching me about greatness and challenging me to accept nothing less."

Mike Lantz, CEO, LQ Strategies – Corporate Training & Coaching