Speaking & Keynotes

In his book, Extreme Success, Rich offers revolutionary ideas for our evolutionary times. At your meeting he will deliver those same ideas to help your people reach higher levels of success.

Imagine the experience! Through visual storytelling, Rich brings your group on a climb 2,000 feet up the side of a granite cliff, 14,000 feet into the air for a skydive, or off a 700 foot bridge for a thrilling bungee jump. Throughout the adventure, he relates these experiences to the principles he shares.  Long after Rich is gone, your people will remember both the excitement and the lessons learned.

With an entertaining and solid message about pushing your limits and improving your performance, Rich will inspire your group with warmth, passion and humor.


"We were very pleased with your message and its delivery to our 1,700 conference attendees…people told us that it was the best keynote of the event. Your message about fear, stepping out of your comfort zone, and courage was really taken to heart."


Rich’s Most Requested Programs
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