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Fitness for Success

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"Success is completing the full circle of yourself." -Gloria Steinem

Thousands of years ago the Greeks believed, "When you strengthen your body, you strengthen your mind." When I have asked my audiences or my coaching clients what they feel is a vital step to achieving with greater ease, one of the answers I often hear is something like:

"When I am taking care of my fitness, I have more energy, I feel more on track and I attract more success in my work and in my life."

I agree with this completely and I’ve seen the same results in my own life. All through my twenties I was a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder. I noticed that when I was training for a contest I was much more focused in other areas of my life.

Once, in college, I was taking a full load of classes, working full time as the owner of a health club, and training for a bodybuilding contest. Although that seems like a loaded schedule, the daily ritual of eating well, exercising and learning actually gave me energy and left me feeling very fulfilled.

There are many benefits you receive almost immediately after you exercise — such as a feeling of peace and contentment, better sleep, and even more self-confidence. If you are eating well and following a regular exercise ritual you know what I’m talking about. If you have been meaning to improve your fitness, I hope this message gives you the little nudge you needed to take action. Good luck!


1. On a scale of zero to ten, where would you rate your satisfaction with your health and fitness?

2. What would it look like and feel like if you were a ten? (This is an important step)

3. What is something you could do each day (or each week) that would move you towards greater satisfaction?

4. Write down your answer to step three and then ask your coach or a success partner to hold you accountable to taking action.

5. Watch how the power of awareness and accountability moves you towards what you want. Good luck!

* I have also learned that nothing beats having a workout partner or a personal fitness trainer to support people reaching their fitness goals. Choosing physical activities that you enjoy and having support is a proven formula for fitness success!

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What Are Your Daily Rituals?

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"There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way."  -Chistopher Darlington Morley, American Novelist

A "homework" assignment I often give to my coaching clients is to create a list of their helpful daily rituals. So often we just go along without really stopping to think what actions we can take on a daily basis that will add better health, success, joy and peace of mind to our lives.

It’s a pretty simple exercise, really.  Make a list of those actions that you know — or you believe — would benefit you (and/or others) if you followed through with them on a daily basis.  Below is a list of several different "daily rituals" that I have learned from a variety of clients over the years.  Many of these I strive to follow myself and I can personally attest to the value of reading (and living) my "daily ritual" list on a regular basis.

  • Jump out of bed with a smile at 6 am
  • Go for a morning walk
  • Do Yoga or a stretching routine
  • Pray, meditate and/or visualize
  • Work on most important project before reading email in the morning
  • Plan the day and clarify the three most important items to focus on during the day
  • Read or listen to something inspirational/educational every day
  • Go for a walk at lunchtime
  • Take a risk a day to build my business
  • Connect with at least one friend each day
  • Connect with at least one business contact each day
  • Review my calendar and mail out any birthday or congratulations cards
  • Exercise
  • Sit in my car for a few minutes after work and give thought to how I want to be when I get home
  • Read or tell stories to my kids
  • Kids to bed by 8:45 pm
  • Set up coffee maker the night before
  • Layout clothes for morning walk the night before
  • Visualize my top 3 intentions/goals/dreams before bed
  • Be in bed by 11 pm

Choose your favorites from the list above and also add your own to create your own list of Daily Rituals that will add better health, success, joy and peace of mind to your life. Once complete, read your Daily Rituals at the beginning and/or end of each day. Over time, notice how these small actions make a big difference.

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