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Extreme Success
The 7-Part Program That Shows You How to Succeed Without Struggle (Simon & Schuster, 2002)

Foreword by Richard Carlson, Ph.D., author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff

From the back cover: In this life-changing book, sought-after personal coach and extreme athlete, Rich Fettke, doesn’t just lead us down the path to success, he shows us that it can be easier and, yes, more fun.  By applying the lessons he has learned from extreme sports in this seven-part program, he shows us that learning to take risks is as important as doing your homework. Using quizzes, captivating stories, and specific step-by-step strategies, Rich explains how you can:

  • Create your own "luck"
  • Develop the courage for change
  • Use partnerships & alliances to expand possibilities
  • Take action and stay focused on your most important goals
  • Make fear your friend
  • Get — and STAY — in the zone

Paperback $13.00
Hardcover $18.72
Kindle Edition $9.99

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Winning Strategies
Audio/Video Box Set

Rich’s Momentum audio program is one of the CD’s included, along with programs from Dennis Waitley, John Maxwell, Mike Robbins, Hans Florine, Theo Androus, Vince Posente, Chris Widener, Vince Lombardi Jr. and more!

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13 CDs & 2 DVD’s  $49.95 
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Creating Focused Action Towards What Really Matters

This is the same one hour CD program that is included in the Winning box set. In this energizing program, Rich Fettke gives clear examples and right-to-the-point ideas to help you get moving and keep moving toward your most important goals. He explains how you can

  • Create natural motivation vs. forced will-power
  • Get going after life slams on the brakes
  • Tap into your emotion to create positive motion
  • Create systems and structures to be more effective
  • Discover what gets you going and keeps you focused

* Includes 5 Momentum Builders that you can use today to get moving and keep moving in the right direction

CD (60 minutes) $14.95   
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A Guide to Clarity & Achievement

90% of all people identify lack of focus as their biggest obstacle to achieving success. Focus is a critical skill of high achievers. This audio program helps you develop the focus needed to reach higher levels of success. Drawing on the work of behavioral research, the best of success literature, and his own experience as a certified business and personal coach, Rich Fettke shares powerful techniques and practical tools that will help you:

  • Clarify a compelling future vision
  • Break through procrastination and take action
  • Develop a "Master Plan" to achieve your most important goals
  • Replace poor habits with "success habits"
  • Create momentum and avoid being overwhelmed
  • Be more effective and get better results

Includes the popular guided visualization "Future Focus"


MP3 Audio  (2 hours) with tips sheet  $19.95